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Environment Policy

Our on-going commitment to creating a more sustainable future

We are committed to reducing the impact we have on our environment while we continue to grow and succeed.

To do this, we had made a number of changes to the way we power our company. We have invested in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, and from March 2019 we are proud to say that 100% of POP Print & Designs internal operations are now powered by renewable energy sources.

Our suppliers have also implemented a robust environmental program to help lower our indirect emissions at a volume bellow that of the proposed targets outlined by the Paris Climate Accord of 2015. This sustainability program will lead to Net Zero carbon emissions before 2040 from our supply chain. To achieve their goals, they are investing time and money in energy efficient infrastructure and equipment, renewable energy sourcing, seeking out cleaner material sources, and sustainable shipping methods.

We only use Forest Stewardship Council sustainable paper

We are committed to not only producing high-quality goods, but also taking care of the environment. All paper that we print on is certified by the FSC® to ensure that it is sustainably sourced. All the paper we print on at our production facilities is FSC® certified and we commit to influencing all our third party suppliers to use responsibly forested paper for the products they supply. We’re aiming to convert all of our corrugated and packaging stocks to recycled content from post-consumer sources so we can help prevent deforestation. We currently reach 95% conversion within all our printed product materials, and we work hard every day to improve this further!

Our commitment in reduction of plastics

In 2019, we committed to improving the materials used in our plastic-based packaging in line with the targets set by New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and EU Plastic Pact. We did this with help from UNEP and EMPA:


  • We are committed to getting rid of all plastics. For now, our main focus is PVC and polystyrene.
  • We’re committed to providing 100% package recovery with reusable/recyclable/compostable packaging.
  • Using less virgin plastic and increasing recycled content by at least 20%, with at most half of the reduction coming from sourcing less plastic and the rest coming from using more recycled material.